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Farm to Table

We passionately believe in supporting local  businesses to provide the best quality local farm fresh food. Our meat animals have been processed in local, family owned federally inspected facilities. 

Pick up and delivery are available in Victoria area. Please contact us to arrange as all products are for sale through digital communication. 

Fresh Roasting Chicken

We raise free run roasting chickens in small batches in the spring and summer.

Fresh whole chicken is available for local delivery or pick up every 2 weeks when in season (Mar to Oct) $ 11/ kg.

Occasional frozen whole chickens are available out of season

Please contact us for availability.

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Farm Fresh Eggs

We have a free range flock of mixed heritage breed chickens including: Ameraucana, Brahma,  Golden Laced Wyandotte and Silver laced Wyandotte. Our girls give us a lovely collection of multi-coloured eggs from light brown/pink to dark brown to blue and even green.

Our eggs have consistently won 'Best in Show' Ribbons at the Saanich Fair since 2015.

We have chicken eggs available $ 6 / dozen. Duck eggs $5/ 1/2 dozen are also available in the summer.


Lamb Cuts

Our lamb is all raised on the property and prepared at a local artisanal butcher. 1/2 or whole carcasses can be booked on request.

Lamb is sold frozen by cut:

Leg Roast $13 - 15/lb

Loin Chops $20/lb

Merguez Sausages $12/ 6 sausages ($16/lbs)

Mediterranean Sausages $20/ 6 sausages ($16/lbs)

Mince Lamb $12/lb

Rack $28/lb

Stewing Lamb $12/lb

Shoulder Roast $10- 12/lb

Shank $10/lb

Sirloin Roast $17/lb

Dog Bones $2/lb

Please contact us for availability. 

Farm to Table: What's Happening
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